For employees

If you have less than 90 employees

You can purchase individual licenses so your employees can access the workshops from HR rewired TV and stream to more thank 1000 devices, anytime, anywhere.

Cost per license is £99 + VAT.

If you have more than 90 employees

We have an enterprise offer which delivers a better return on investment for organisations with over 70 employees which allows you to:

- Purchase the workshop video MP4 files for hosting on your intranet or learning management system

    - Option to keep the discrete HR rewired branding or have it customised for an additional fee

    - By hosting the workshops internally, you can cater for new joiners and use for management development programmes or line manager upskilling.

    - We provide Facilitators Guides created exclusively for use with our workshops.  These contain individual and group exercises which are tailored for teams or departments.  Extend the impact of the workshops and embed it into your organisation as part of your anti-racism or DEI programme.  HR or L&D leads can facilitate additional sessions to encourage brave conversations and ongoing awareness.

    Optional extras

    There are optional extras including customised branding, the addition of specific key messages, trimming/clipping of videos to give more flexibility to use for internal communications


    Starts from £10 per employee (dependent on expected usage and headcount), minimum £10,000 (excluding VAT) spend applicable.

    Try before you buy

    To get a feel for the workshops, you can either watch the trailers/workshop introductions or visit for more information.

    If this is something you would like to explore and would prefer to talk to us directly - do call us on 
    ​+44 (0) 20 8050 1759 or email:

    Please refer to our Conditions of Use policy before making any purchases.